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Interested in Painting Technology equipment?

You are in the right place!

The company S-Elektroszinter Kft. is dealing with producing painting technology equipment and has been manufacturing equipment as a separate manufacturing entity since 2002. Our colleagues have been involved in the design and production of painting technology equipment (e.g.: painting devices of Csepel Schwin Bicycle Manufacturing 1989) since the middle of the eighties.

Our production profile covers the range from manual painting walls to complex PC and PLC controlled automated systems. These include but not limited to pre-treatment units, drying and burning ovens, material forwarding systems (conveyors), painting equipment and other auxiliary devices (waste water treatment units, RO devices, spraying technology etc.).

We provide an exhaustive range of services covering from planning through implementation to complete assembly to putting into operation. Besides, we also deal with repairing and extending already operating systems to the limits provided by the local conditions concerned.

Manufacturing is carried in a well-equipped and craned production hall facility. Upon request, we can provide co-manufacturing for the steel structure-related work stages of certain equipment (metalwork).

With the support of our partner companies which are involved in certain projects as subcontractors, also upon request, we can even provide completion of permitting and application for various tenders available (we have managed to gain finances in tenders together with several companies).

Our equipment are mainly individual appliances (with one or two exceptions, like powder blasting cabinets or air heating devices etc.), which results from the fact that in most of the cases we custom-make, “adapt” our equipment to the specific task to be completed.

Besides the experienced and common technologies, systems, we are always on the hunt for solutions with even higher efficiency and more energy saving. Our profile also includes the manufacturing of equipment with individual design.

In 2009, we launched the production and trade of industrial fans with direct and indirect drives as well as separator equipment.

Our equipment bear the relevant fire protection certificates of compliance issued by the GÉPMI, while our air heaters have the necessary assembly licences and permits issued by the Hungarian Trade Permitting Authority – Technical Supervisory Committee.

Beyond the foregoing, we are ready to undertake any plastic and metalwork, manufacturing of parts as well as reconstruction and maintenance of equipment.

Your honourable contact requests regarding any painting technology and fans will be welcome.

  • Design, manufacturing, installation and putting into operation of Paint Technology Equipment (complex systems and components individually).
  • Preparing permitting documentations, environmental and water management licences.
  • Relocation, modernisation, extending and putting into operation of existing systems.
  • Surveying and expert consulting on existing systems.
  • Periodical maintenance of owned equipment based on maintenance contract.
  • Completion of metalwork (manufacturing of steel structures, welding based on submitted drawings)
  • Plastic welding, manufacturing of plastic containers and pools
  • Industrial pipe assembly works, setting up of heat circuits based on circuit diagrams
  • Manufacturing of industrial fans, ventilators (axial, radial)
  • Repair of existing fans, production of parts
  • Design, planning and manufacturing of material forwarding conveyor systems